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Tips for Saving Money with Special Diwali Offers on Cashfat!

Tips for Saving Money with Special Diwali Offers 2016 on Cashfat!

With only a few days to go for Diwali, the whole nation is in a festive mood. Diwali is that time of the year when the entire family gets together, cleans the house, repaints and redecorates the walls and welcomes Goddess Lakshmi, to bring even more joy and prosperity to one and all.

Diwali is also the time of the year when we go crazy shopping. We get rid of the clutter and the junk and make space for new purchases. There’s no better feeling than to splurge on electronics, clothes and fashion accessories, mobile phones, tablets, home appliances, etc. on Diwali.

At Cashfat, we have got plenty of great Diwali Offers 2016 for you. We are India’s top cashback and coupon website, so you can expect to get the best Diwali cashback coupons, vouchers and promo codes from us.

 Here’s a guide on how you can save money on your Diwali Shopping 2016!

#1: Shop online via Cashfat for maximum savings this Diwali

During Diwali consumers are spoiled for choice and every online store fights for their attention. Just go online and you will find plenty of great Diwali offers on every ecommerce site. But the best way to take advantage of these offers is by visiting these stores, whether it’s Flipkar, Amazon, Snapdeal, Tata CLIQ, Ajio, Myntra or Abof, via Cashfat.

You can make a double saving by shopping at your favorite store via Cashfat. You will save money with our coupon codes, promo codes and vouchers, and you will be able to earn up to 3% to 10% on every purchase with our cashback coupons.  This way, you will save on every purchase made during this Diwali with Cashfat.

#2: Take your time to do your research

Compare products and their prices across several different online sites before spending anything. The problem is there are so many stores, how do you know which store has got the best Diwali 2016 offers? The advantage of Cashfat is that we are more than just a coupon and cashback website. We are also a price comparison site. We have partnered with over 500 of the best online shopping stores in India. You can compare offers from several different stores on Cashfat and find out which ones suit your purposes the best.

#3: Try some DIY Diwali Ideas

You can save a lot of money this Diwali by trying some DIY (do it yourself) ideas to revamp the interiors of your home. Go online and watch some DIT videos on YouTube on making your own diyas and lanterns. It’s really quite simple. You can save at least a few thousand rupees by making some of the Diwali decorative items by yourself.

 #4: Buy Diwali Sweets and Gifts Online

Diwali sweets are the best thing about the festival, besides Diwali fireworks. Most of us buy ready-made sweets during Diwali from the market.  Have you considered buying Diwali sweets online? You can buy Diwali sweets and other gift items online with our IndianGiftsPortal coupons and send them to your near and dear ones, no matter where they are in India. Plus, you will be able to save a lot of money as well. And everyone will be happier for it.

Make this Diwali 2016 a happy and fun-filled one. Save money on your Diwali shopping 2016 with Cashfat and celebrate Diwali with your friends and family.